A coaching session lasts about one hour. If we combine it with EMDR or Hypnotherapy a session lasts about 1,5 hour. You will be welcomed in an informal atmosphere which invites you to work on your development in an open and constructive manner.

Intake € 70,00
Coaching session 1 hour € 70,- *
Coaching session 1,5 hour € 100,-

For sessions after 19:00 I charge an extra € 5,00 an hour

Relationship coaching
2 persons  1,5 hour € 120,00

On-line coaching
30 minutes € 35,00
45 minutes € 50,00
60 minutes € 70,00

The practice is located in the centre of Amsterdam and is easily accessible by public transport. See contact for further information or if you want to make an appointment for an intake phone 020-33.796.75 / 06.558.551.55

*Coaching is a taxable service and not care. This means that sessions are not reimbursed by your health insurer. If you are a business owner, the cost of coaching can be filed under operating costs. Are you an employee? Ask your employer whether there is room for personal development. The coaching can be (partially) reimbursed by your employer.

Payments cash or with your bankcard.

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