A coaching session lasts about one hour. If we combine it with EMDR or a Hypnotherapy a session it lasts about 1,5 hour. You will be welcomed in an informal atmosphere which invites you to work on your development in an open and constructive manner.


One on one

€80-110/ per session

(After 7 pm and on Sundays a surcharge of € 20,00 applies)

hour Intake € 80
 € 80/session 1 hour
 € 110/session 1,5 hour
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Relationship coaching

2 Persons

€ 135 / Session 1,5 hour                                                                                                                                           € 180/ Session 2 hour

(After 7 pm and in the weekend a surcharge of € 20,00 applies)

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Online Coaching


Zoom or Skype. Rates are the same as regular sessions.

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The practice is located in the centre of Amsterdam and is easily accessible by public transport. See contact for further information or if you want to make an appointment for an intake phone or text 06.558.551.55

Coaching is a taxable service and not care. This means that sessions are not reimbursed by your health insurer. If you are a business owner, the cost of coaching can be filed under operating costs. Are you an employee? Ask your employer whether there is room for personal development. The coaching can be (partially) reimbursed by your employer.

Payments cash or via bank payment request.

Serire | Visioncoaching's commitment for the Planet

We donate €1,00 per session to reforestation

Discover our Serire forest
In partnership with Tree-Nation logo

Creating a better future together, for everyone.

From January 1st, € 1,00 of your consult fee will be spent on planting a tree. So you not only work on your personal growth, but you also contribute to the growth of new trees and therefore a healthy climate.

For further information see link to Tree-Nation