On-line Coaching


Online coaching is a wonderful way to work on your personal development or to keep yourself balanced in these turbulent times.

I use Zoom and Skype and provide support via Whatsapp and mail.

When I started coaching via skype I was dubious about whether I’d be able to create the same connection with my clients as I was used to in person. However, I’m glad to say I was surprised to find that it was possible. Now coaching online is as comfortable to me as in person. I have worked online with clients all over the world and achieved amazing results.

Mixing online coaching with face-to-face coaching 

The beauty of being open to coaching online, is that we can mix it up a bit if needed. If we have a face-to-face appointment planned but you know you’re going to be pushed for time to make it, we can switch it to Skype. Online coaching gives you more flexibility!

I invite you for a short 10 minutes Skype conversation to ensure the Skype connection works well, there is a mutual click and that a good working relationship can be formed. We also check if your need for coaching is suitable for online coaching.

Online coaching is available for 30/45 or 60 minutes.

30 minutes € 40,00
45 minutes € 55,00
60 minutes € 80,00